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flying saucer situation is not at all imaginary

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All we need to ask is where are they from.

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The Iranian UFO chase is one of the premier UFO encounters in the history of the subject. A highly advanced vehicle, performing well beyond present-day capabilities, created fits for the American-equipped Iranian Air Force. Blackouts of the missile firing control panel, just before the pilot was about to launch his air-to-air missile, could be attributed to a mechanical fault seems beyond what sheer odds would allow.

 A UFO case must have a lot of validity for it to reach the United States from Iran. But such is the case regarding a UFO and plane dogfight that occurred in September of 1976 over Tehran. On September 19, the Iranian Air Force began getting reports from citizens of a strange, unidentifiable craft in the skies of Tehran. Assistant Deputy Commander of Operations Yousefit was informed of the reports by the duty officer. The duty officer had no information on how to proceed in the matter of a UFO. He was not aware of any plane flying that could account for the reports.

 Commander Yousefit Give Orders:

Commander Yousefit initially felt that the reports might be attributable to misidentified stars, or even the planet Venus, which was fairly bright at the time. After doing some investigation, and with calls continuing to come in, he decided to see for himself. When he actually saw the source of the reports, he knew that this was not a misidentification of a heavenly body. He gave the order to scramble an American-made F-4 jet out of Shahrokhi Air Force Base to intercept and identify the unknown object.  F-4 Loses Communication:

The UFO, large and bright, was approximately 70 miles north of the base. The F-4 left the runway at 1:30 AM heading for its target. About 35 miles out, the plane began having problems communicating with the ground. It was also having other electronic problems. The pilot abandoned the chase, and flew back to Shahrokhi. As soon as the plane dropped its original course, all of the plane anomalies disappeared. This implies that the UFO was affecting the plane's functions as it neared the object.

 Second F-4 Resumes Chase:

As soon as the first F-4 reported problems to ground control, a second F-4 was scrambled. The second jet made better progress and approached near the UFO. The object sent a radar return signal similar in size to a large passenger airliner. The UFO's glow was so intense that the actual shape and size of the object could not be discerned visually, even as the jet bridged the distance between it and the unknown object. Suddenly, the UFO began to move away, and the F-4, even flying above Mach 1, could not keep up with the UFO. The crew members stated that the UFO's sudden burst of speed was unbelievable.

 Visual Observations:

The F-4 moved close enough to the UFO at times for the crew to make some visual observations. The crew stated that the UFO had strobe lights arranged in a rectangular pattern. The lights would alternatively display colors of red, blue, green, and orange. To the crew's astonishment, at one point, a second, smaller object left the first UFO. The chase had taken the dogfight to the southern part of the city of Tehran, as the second UFO flew directly toward the F-4.

 Weapons Control Off Line:

The members of the F-4 crew were now fearful for their own lives. They armed and aimed an AIM-9 missile at the approaching UFO, but as they did, the F-4's weapons control system was rendered off-line. They also lost their entire communication functions. The F-4 had only one course of action left, and that was to take a fast dive to avoid a head on collision with the UFO. As the F-4 began its dive, the smaller UFO began to follow it for a time, but soon either changed its course or was called back. All of the F-4 functions returned to normal as the UFO sped away.

Final Analysis:

There was not to be any conventional explanation for the F-4 and UFO encounter that occurred over Tehran. There is however, ample evidence and documentation to state categorically that an unknown flying object was seen visually by the F-4, made radar return on the plane's radar, and was confirmed by ground radar and ground visual observation.




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