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flying saucer situation is not at all imaginary

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Sixteen year old Ron Johnson was tending the family sheep when his attention was suddenly drawn to a mushroom-shaped UFO appearing in the night sky. The flying object, metallic with multi-colored lights, was hovering approximately 75 feet away from Ron among some trees. After the craft's disappearance, a strange, glowing ring was found where the object landed. This ring persisted for several years.

 In 1971, in the small town of Delphos, Kansas, a well documented case of evidence relating to UFOs occurred. The case has not been debunked in any way, and stands on its own merits. The case involved sixteen-year-old Ron Johnson, and his dog Snowball. They were tending sheep on the family farm, when Ron was distracted by a mushroom-shaped UFO in the night. The metallic UFO was hovering about 75 feet from Ron amongst some nearby trees.

Metallic Craft Hovers:

There were multi-colored lights on the object as it sat motionless just a few feet above the ground. He tried to get a better look, but the lights from the craft were so brilliant that the could not make out any specific details of the UFO. The object gave off a noise that Ron described as "an old washing machine which vibrated." The UFO began to rise up into the sky, and as it did, the bottom of the object glowed very intently. He was almost blinded by the light's brilliance.

 Glowing Ring on Ground:

As soon as he was able to see well enough, he made a run to the house to tell his mother Erma and father Durel about the UFO. The object was now even higher in the sky. Ron's parents ran to see the UFO, and they did get a glimpse of the object as it was disappearing, and now big as the moon. Ron and his parents were surprised to see a glowing ring on the ground, directly underneath where the object had hovered. Some of the trees around the area also had a glow to them.

Mother's Fingers Numb:

The family members felt the area around the glow, and described it as "strange-like a slick crust, as if the soil was crystallized." After touching the glowing ring, Ron's mother's fingers became numb. She said it felt like she had been anesthetized. The Johnsons waited for a time to see if the UFO might come back, but it never made a return visit. They retired for the night. At dawn the next day, they immediately returned to the ring, and it was still as they had left it the night before. The inside and outside of the ring was damp from an overnight rain shower, but the exterior of the ring was amazingly dry.

 Newspaper Reporter Visits Site:

The Johnsons were interviewed by The Delphos Republican. Reporter Thaddia Smith accompanied the Johnsons to the ring, and she filed this report.

"The circle was still very distinct and plain to see. The soil was dried and crusted. The circle or ring was approximately 8 feet across, the center of the ring and the outside area were still muddy from recent rains. The area of the ring that was dried was about a foot across and was very light in color. The object had crushed a dead tree to the ground either when it landed or took off, and had broken a limb of a live tree."

 Highway Patrolmen Investigate :

Smith related her story to the Kansas Highway Patrol. Sheriff Enlow, Undersheriff Enlow, and Patrolman Yager made an investigation of the ring. Enlow released this statement:

"... we observed a ring shaped somewhat like a doughnut with a hole in the middle. The ring was completely dry with a hole in the middle and outside of the ring mud. There were limbs broken from a tree and a dead tree broken off there."

 Another Witness to UFO:

Another witness would come forward to validate Johnson's story. Sheriff Enlow told the press:

"On 11-03-71 Mr. Lester Ensbarger of 416 Argyle St. in Minneapolis advised Deputy Sheriff Leonard Simpson that at approximately 7:30 p.m. 11-02-71 he had observed a bright light descending in the sky in the Delphos area."

The account of the Delphos Kansas glowing ring is one of the best cases of trace evidence in UFO history. No natural cause could be assigned to cause the ring on the Johnson's farm.




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